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A0011/48 Fokker Dr.17,700 JPY
A0021/72 Spirit of St. Louis8,500 JPY
A0031/72 The Flyer7,700 JPY
A0051/48 Otto Lilienthal Normal Glider 18944,200 JPY
A0061/48 Ninomiya Tamamushi Beetle5,000 JPY
A0071/48 Primary Glider6,000 JPY
B0011/160 Wright 1903 Flyer2,000 JPY
B0021/160 Spirit of St. Louis2,000 JPY
B0031/160 Bleriot XI2,000 JPY
B0041/160 Santos Dumont 14bis2,000 JPY
B0051/160 Fokker Dr.12,000 JPY
B0061/160 Airco DH212,000 JPY
B0071/160 Etrich Taube2,000 JPY
B008(brass)1/5 The Crow1,500 JPY
B0091/160 Antoinette2,000 JPY
B0101/160 Wright Baby Racer2,000 JPY
B012(black)1/5 The Crow1,500 JPY
B1011/160 Wright 1903 Flyer -nickel3,000 JPY
B1021/160 Spirit of St. Louis-nickel3,000 JPY
B1031/160 Gee?Bee?racer R-23,000 JPY
B1041/160 Junkers D-13,000 JPY
B1051/160 Fokker Dr.1-nickel3,000 JPY
B1061/160 Gee Bee & BENDIX pylon4,800 JPY
B1071/160 Antoinette-nickel3,000 JPY
B1081/160 Type 403,000 JPY
C0011/1000 Graf Zeppelin LZ1278,000 JPY
E0011/1000 The Tower20,000 JPY
S0011/500 La Tour Eiffel100,000 JPY
D0011/1000 Santos Dirigible No.6
Fully assembled
12,000 JPY
F001Rubber powered airplane1,200 JPY
T001 1/150 1/160 N gauge Bicycle parking900 JPY
H0011/144 The Mojave 762,500 JPY
H0021/144 The Condor 772,500 JPY
H0031/144 The Albatross 792,500 JPY
H0041/144 The Daedalus 882,500 JPY
H0051/144 Gokuraku Tombo2,500 JPY
K0011/24 Draisienne 18172,000 JPY
K0041/24 da Vinci's s bicycle2,000 JPY

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