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A / Micro Museum

1/48, 1/72 scale model
Wingspan=135 to 200mm

For skilled modeler
Using a little super glue

Brass, Copper

[A001] 1/48 Fokker Dr.1

[A002] 1/72 Spirit of St.Louis

[A003] 1/72 Wright Flyer 1903

[A005] 1/48 Lilienthal Glider 1894

[A006] 1/48 Tamamushi Beatle

[A007] 1/48 Primary Glider


[A008] 1/48 Gee Bee Racer R2


[A010] 1/48Tachikawa ki-9


[A011] 1/72 Le Prieur No.2


[A002M] Decal set

Aircraft not included

B / Micro Wing

1/144 scale tiny model
Wingspan=42 to 88mm

For both skilled modeler and beginner
No glue needed


[B001] Wright Flyer 1903

[B002] Spirit of St.Louis

[B003] Blériot XI 1909

[B004] Santos Dumont 14bis

[B005] Fokker Dr.1

[B006] Airco DH2

[B007] Etrich Taube

[B008] The Crow

[B009] Antoinette 1909

[B010] Wight Baby Racer 1910

[B012] The Crow-Black

[B013] Hans Grade 1909

3 in stock

[B014] Henri Farman 1910

C / Zeppelin

1/1000 scale model

For both skilled modeler and beginner

No glue for the fuselage
Super glue for the engine cars

Stainless steel

[C001] Graf Zeppelin LZ127

[C002] Hindenburg LZ129

[C003] Cross section of LZ129

6 in stock

[C004] Zeppelin LZ1
with the wooden hanger

[C002G] Gold-plated Hindenburg

10 in stock

D E / Paris

1/1000 scale model
Height (Tower)=312mm

For both skilled modeler

No glue needed

Stainless steel

[D001] Santos Dirigible No.6

[E001] Eiffel Tower

[D+E] October 19 1900, Paris

[D001G] Gold-plated Santos No.6

F / History of Model Aviation

Miniature of the model aircraft

Static display model
Wingspan =100mm

For beginner

No glue needed

Stainless steel

With motor (F003)

[F001] Rubber powered airplane

Static display model

[F002] Wakefield

Static display model

[F003] Flapping wing

with motorized tower

Static display model

Fly by S.Iwami

G / Leonardo da Vinci

1/72 Machine
Dia. =125mm

For skilled modeler





[G001] 1/72 Vite aerea


H / Human Powered Aircraft

1/144 Scale model

For beginner

Stainless steel

With magnet stand



Photo copyright Don Monroe, used with permission

[H001] Mojave 76

[H002] Condor 77

[H003] Albatross 79

[H004] Daedalus 88

[H005] Gokuraku Tombo

[H006] Mag-Maxi evo II

[H007] Aurora Solar Odysseus

[H008] Stork 77

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