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Delivery End of October

Model: C002G

1/1000 scale Hindenburg LZ129 Gold plated

Gold plated stainless steel

Length 245mm (9.6 in)

Diameter 41mm (1.6 in)

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New models

New for October 2021

Model: A011

1/72 scale Le Prieur No.2

The Japanese first glider that flied by Yves le Prieur at Tokyo in 1909.

Made of copper

Wing span 100mm (4 in)


New for October 2021

Model: B114

1/144 scale Curtiss Jenny

American training aircraft,

used by Barnstormers in 1920s.

Made of copper

Wing span 94mm (3.7 in)


New for October 2021

Model: N001-N004

History of the Balloons

 Copper plate models

Height 100mm & up (4 in)



Model: R001

1/1 scale Pencil Rocket

Japan's first rocket by Professor Itokawa

Full-size model 230mm (9 in)
Made of stainless steel


New for September 2021

Model: A010

1/48 scale Tachikawa ki-9

Imperial Japanese Army training aircraft

Made of copper

Wing span 215mm (8.5 in)

A: Micro MUSEUM series

Anatomy of the aircraft

in 1/48 , 1/72 scale

Item No.A001 - A011


B: micro Wing series

Desktop museum

in 1/144 , 1/160 scale

Item No.B001 - B014


C: 1/1000 Zeppelin


Acrylic Case for Tachikawa ki-9

Hand made

Item No.A010C

7000 JPY