D Santos 6 Airship

An aerial walk over Paris

Alberto Santos-Dumont. I'm excited every time I hear this name. Anyone who later heard that he was taking a walk in the sky of Paris around 1900 called Belle Epoque on his own airship would be the case. The engine and rudder were attached to the balloon, which had been left to the wind until then, so that it could be controlled freely. On October 19, 1901, the Santos No. 6 airship successfully orbited the Eiffel Tower.

[D006] 1/1000 Santos 6 Airship(with Powered

8,000JPY + Shipping Cost


[ Model outline ]
1/1000 scale. The balloon is made of aluminum and has a total length of about 3 cm. Insert the wire of the stainless etched parts into the groove of the hull. The pilot is also reproduced on the hull. The excitement after cutting out the parts is reused as if it were the city of Paris. The Arc de Triomphe has also been reproduced. A quartz watch unit is placed on the base to rotate the rod. If you hang an airship on a rod and insert batteries, it will fly around. There is no switch. It will continue to rotate for about a year.

Cut out the parts with bubble wrap. No knife required.

I will fit the ring into the aluminum airship.

Arc de Triomphe parts

Using the excitement after cutting out the parts, the city of Paris that radiates from the Arc de Triomphe is completed. An airship will fly over Paris on batteries.

[E001] 1/1000 Align it with the Eiffel Tower and recreate the sky above Paris on October 19, 1901.

In the image, the hanging line has been erased for directing.

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