E,S Tower Eiffel

Iron lace

Built as the centerpiece of the 1889 Paris Exposition, the Eiffel Tower was completely different from previous stone-centric buildings. The team led by Gustave Eiffel succeeded in building a 300-meter-high tower with a combination of steel frames in just two years. Inside the four legs that support the tower, an elevator that goes up diagonally from the ground floor to the first floor has been adopted. Thanks to this, a vast space with nothing under the arch connecting the legs is created, which emphasizes the beauty of the Eiffel Tower. For Aerobase, after two on-site interviews, we made a puzzle-like object that does not require adhesive by combining stainless steel.

[E001] 1/1000 Tower Eiffel(30cm=11.811inch)
20,000JPY + Shipping Cost


[ Model outline ]
The beautiful appearance of the Belle Epoque is reproduced by precision photo etching. Assemble like a three-dimensional puzzle. No glue is used. The feeling that the strength increases with each combination of thin parts of 0.2 mm seems to be actually building. The spiral staircase and elevator are also worth seeing. With a little joke, the gentlemen and ladies with a height of about 1.8 mm are reproduced on the top of the tower. The base is made of heavy white metal. When designing the model, I went to Paris with a prototype. The inside of the tower was also observed and reproduced.



[E001] 1/1000 The Eiffel Tower (30 cm) has appeared in a commercial for the Japanese beer company "Ebisu Beer Kin no Koku"

[S001] 1/500 Tower Eiffel(60cm=23.622inch)
100,000JPY + Shipping Cost


[ Model outline ]
The Eiffel Tower, which began construction in 1887, was completed in March 1889 as the centerpiece of the Paris Expo. The construction period was only 2 years and 2 months. In the days when buildings were made of stone, Gustave Eiffel's Eiffel company was also famous for the construction of iron bridges. The semi-circular arch extending from the ground and the outer shape that draws a beautiful arc toward the top of the tower became a task that I would like to challenge once in a lifetime as a model designer (design period 1 year).


I flew to Paris to design the ultimate skeleton model, the model of the Eiffel Tower. The power of the Eiffel Tower seen up close was real. It's completely different from European stone buildings and Japanese buildings made of paper and wood. Gustave Eiffel was the first to adopt a steel structure for large buildings. The Eiffel Tower was built as a symbol of the 1889 Paris Exposition. The tower, which was to be demolished after the Paris Expo, has been preserved by the hard work of Eiffel and others. I hope you will have this model handy as a memory of your visit to Paris. * The image on the right was taken by the French Embassy in Japan.Introduced on Facebook

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