Leonardo da Vinci Series

Leonardo's drawing

Leonardo da Vinci is famous as a painter such as Mona Lisa and Saint John the Baptist, but he is known for his versatility in anatomy, architecture, astronomy, geometry, etc. in addition to painting. Above all, the drawings that describe those studies are also impressive. There are still pictures reminiscent of some aircraft. For the aero base, I imagined the actual machine based on the drawings that were not actually produced, and made it into a three-dimensional model kit.

[G001] 1/72 Da Vinci's propeller(with Powered
12,000JPY + Shipping Cost


[ Model outline ]
The fun of both wooden and metal models. The spiral assembles a laser-cut thin plate in three dimensions. If you use the attached jig (applying type), it will be exactly stepped. The details are a combination of brass parts and teak wood, perfect for an antique atmosphere. The spiral will rotate for about a year on AA batteries (1). I printed a self-portrait of Da Vinci and a sketch of the propeller on the cover of the instruction manual.

I put silk on the skeleton of the spiral. Please enjoy with free ideas.

[K004] 1/24 Da Vinci's bicycle
End of production

The target age of our products is over 15 years old. When making a child, be sure to have a guardian, be careful not to wear sharp parts, do not wear a bag containing parts, and handle and store tools. The materials of our products are mainly brass, copper, stainless steel, white metal, magnets and cypress. Please be careful if you have allergies.

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