K,T Bicycle Series

[K001] Draisine

2,000JPY + Shipping Cost


[ Model outline ]
Paper craft. Hard paper (vulcanized fiber) with a thickness of 0.5 mm has been laser-cut according to the parts design. Cut out the parts with a utility knife. It's super-precision, but it can be made from paper glue. The chain and gear have also been reproduced.


[T001] N gauge bicycle parking lot set(10 units)

1,200JPY + Shipping Cost


[ Model outline ]
Bicycle parking lot and 10 bicycles set. With 2 people. The bicycle parking lot is a combination of only two parts, the skeleton and the roof. No glue is used. Since it is 1/150 scale of the real thing and is the N gauge size of the model railroad, it can be used for layout (diorama). Let's put a bicycle parking lot in front of the station or in the facility. There are 5 types of bicycles with a total length of 1.2 cm. It was designed by measuring the actual bicycle parking lot. The small-wheel bicycle Garp was provided with drawings by my friend, Mr. Okada of Shukuno Rintendo. "It's just like that."

The target age of our products is over 15 years old. When making a child, be sure to have a guardian, be careful not to wear sharp parts, do not wear a bag containing parts, and handle and store tools. The materials of our products are mainly brass, copper, stainless steel, white metal, magnets and cypress. Please be careful if you have allergies.

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