A009-Handley Page HP42

Handley Page HP42

The Handley Page HP42 is a large British airliner from the 1930s.

Four aircraft were built each for short-haul flights (within Europe/Western type) and long-haul flights (South Africa/India routes/Eastern type).

For about 10 years since 1931, there were no major accidents.

What was air travel like back then, when you could fly gently at 150km/h?

All seats are first class

All Handley Page HP42s are first class. Thanks to the lower wing above the fuselage, you can see the world below from every seat. I like this kind of consideration.

The low fuselage design allows boarding with just three steps.

The inside of the fuselage is also made into parts.

W type short-haul flights: 38 seats + 2 toilets

E type long-haul flights: 18 seats + 1 toilet

The storage area for mail and luggage has also been recreated.

(The E type delivered mail as far as South Africa.)

White metal parts included

There are 4 engines. When you breathe into the propeller, it rotates.

For mass production of white metal parts such as the engine, nose, and wheels, we commissioned Model Factory Hiro, a production company known for its precision car models.



Nickel-alloy photo-etched parts

Part A

This is a common part for W type and E type.

Made of nickel silver (nickel alloy)

It is quite large compared to tools.

Although it is metal, it can be cut with a regular utility knife.

The included white cardboard serves as the underlay.

Parts set for W type

Parts set for E type

The major difference from the W type is location of bulkheads and doors, number of seats, and propeller shape.



You can also make cut models.

It looks like a perspective drawing that was often found in old picture books!

2 aircraft set benefits

We also have internal structural parts that are only available inside the aircraft. This is a bonus for a set of 2 aircraft, W and E.

Full set (limited to 100 sets) includes a complete reproduction model, cut model, and internal structure (2 types, W and E).

You can make it all up.


Internal structure parts of W type and E type

Comparison with nickel silver light fryer.

The internal structure alone is quite large.

Even though it's the same scale!

Full set

For W type...A, B parts

For E type...A, B parts

W type internal structure parts

E type internal structure parts

For comparison, the area is equivalent to 37 Spirit of St. Louis aircraft.


Another benefit for full set

This is a pamphlet distributed to passengers on the Handley Page HP42 in the 1930s.

I got the real thing from 90 years ago.

We will give you a copy (reduced version).


Boarding ramp for pilots and radio operators.
It seems that passengers also used it when getting off the train. The image is a prototype made on copy paper.


Handley Page Aircraft since 1907

by C H Barnes

Forty years on...

published by Handley Page, Ltd.

AIR International Vol 42 No.3 (March 1992)


by Donald C. Clayton

Cooperation from the museum

The Royal Airforce Museum

I received drawings (parts), image data, and advice on using images drawn by Handley Page.

There was also information about this passenger.

" Lady Bridget Poulett, daughter of the 7th Earl Poulett and a popular photographer's model."

San Diego Air & Space Museum

Thanks to the copy of the book I received, I was able to learn about its internal structure.

The museum also once sold Aerobase products.


I would like to thank American modeler C. L. and former Air France captain J. P. C. for providing materials.

RC manufacturer Company OK model, Mr. Ishii from Okayama, Mr. Honma from Kanagawa, and Mr. H from Okinawa taught me basic things about airplanes, such as the installation angle of the main wing.

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