How to build

All products are for age of 15 and up.

Etrich Taube was a World War I reconnaissance aircraft that first flew in 1910 and was designed by Austrian Igo Etrich.  It is named Taube (dove) and looks like a bird, but it is not a bird, but an airplane inspired by the gliding seeds of the winged plant, Alsomitra macrocarpa.

Igo Etrich (Deutsches Museum)


Brass etching parts

Step-by-step instructions

in English and Japanese

Utility knife is best.


Best tweezers on Amazon

Use cardboard included in kit.


Test parts is included.


Fuselage and rudder.

Do not use glue yet.

Attach the spar and tailplane.

Remove the plate after attaching the radiator.

Raise up the wing ribs and making 3D airfoil.

Main wing


Assembly test

Install the cockpit (white metal)

One-piece landing gear


Twist the propeller blades.

Flat wing

Shape the wing as shown.

Paint the name plate.

File the letter surface.



Copper version (Model: B207)