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Handley Page HP42

Launched on March 15th




Full set   44000 JPY

limited 100 set

includes :

*Type W & E

*2 of Cabin display parts

*Seat map copy

*FREE shipping



HP42 Type W   24000 JPY

Assemble kit



HP42 Type W cabin kit   6000 JPY

Assemble kit



Seat map   500 JPY


Type E not sold separately, only producted 100 pcs. for Full set

Full set

[Limited] Handley Page HP42 Full set

Type W & Type E set

Includes cabin model (W & E)

Seat map copy




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[A009] 1/144 Handley Page HP42W

Type W kit


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Type W Cabin kit

Type W Cabin kit

Includes cabin parts only, aircraft not included in this set


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Seat map

Item Name

Copy from the original brochure, 1930'

297 x 386 mm


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Both Type W & E available

Type W is for service in Europe, 38 passengers and two toilets

Typw E is for service in South Africa and India route, 18 passengers, one toilet

1/144 scale

Wing span 274mm

Cabin display parts

Cabin models included in Full set

Type W with 38 seats (above)

Type E with 18 seats (below)

Seat map

1930' Seat map

Copy booklet from the real thing in 1930 included in Full set

Boarding ramp

Boarding ramp included in kit

one piece part

Nickel-alloy parts

Nickel-alloy photo-etched parts

Easy to cut off by utility knife

Cutting board (paper) included in kit

Parts A for both type W & E

Two of parts A included in Full set

Parts B-1 for type W

Parts B-2 for type E

Full set

x 37 area of micro wing model.....

Spirit of St. Louis not included

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