AEROBASE is a model kit company

based in Japan, founded in 1996.

My mission is to spread the fun of model making.

So these model kits are not only for the skilled modeler but also for the beginners.

" Easy to assemble, Best quality "

 This is my motto.


All Aerobase products are designed by Shinichi Iwami

who has 9 year experience as a promotional model builder

in TAMIYA, INC. (1986 - 1995)  




 Model design begins with examining the real thing, taking a lot of photos of the actual machine at the museum and obtaining the drawings. I also read the biographies of the Wright brothers, Charles A. Lindbergh, etc. I respect the inventor of the actual machine and the people involved in the preservation.

Parts design

 I design model parts while choosing the materials such as brass, copper, etc. I prioritize the fun of making than the precision of the parts. The partner factory will do photo-etching with my design. When I receive the prototype from the factory, checking the mistakes, then redesign. Even a small airplane will be designed and prototyped at least 5 to 6 times before launching.


Over 8,000 people aged 4 to 80 years old enjoyed and completed the Aerobase models with me. The skills and confidence they have acquired will be a lifelong treasure.

Shizuoka Hobby Show

Meet Aerobase in Shizuoka Hobby Show every May !

Some new models availabe and the future products are displayed.

Solo exhibition

I also hold solo exhibitions.

2016 & 2017 Shizuoka Hobby Square

2017 Minami Aoyama Spiral Market

2017 Keibunsha Ichijoji store, Kyoto etc.


Private works

YAMAHA Round the World

1/72 scale

Full-scratch built

Best Diorama, Best ship diorama, Theme of 1994

at IPMS/USA Nationals, Omaha 1994

Now displayed in Tamiya Headquarter building