Aerobase is a manufacturer that develops metal model kits. The name is based on the idea of a base that delivers kits to model fans around the world.

Model kit designer
Shinichi Iwami

1986:株式会社 田宮模型(現:株式会社 タミヤ)に入社
1995:株式会社 タミヤを退社


All AEROBASE products are designed by Shinichi Iwami and manufactured at a domestic consignment factory.


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Company Profile:


Representative Director Shinichi Iwami

Address:Wakayama City takajyomachi 2-26

Phone & Fax:+81-73-422-8655


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The first AEROBASE work

[A001] 1/48 FOKKER DR.1

This is the first AEROBASE product released in 1996 based on the idea that if you repeat folding like a paper crane, it will become three-dimensional. This is the birth of AEROBASE, a model kit maker that reproduces the skeleton of an airplane by the "photo etching method" that melts a metal plate with liquid according to the design drawing.


Coverage of the actual machine

Model design begins with examining the real thing. We will cover the actual machine at the museum and order drawings from overseas. I also read biographies of the Wright brothers. Since it is a genuine model, we value the respect of the inventor who made the actual machine and the people involved in the preservation.

Parts design


We design model parts based on the materials. Rather than being faithful to the real thing, we give top priority to what kind of parts composition makes assembly fun. Send the drawing to the factory and etch the metal plate. Melt the metal plate as shown in the figure. Assemble the prototype received from the factory, check for mistakes, and redesign. Even a small airplane will be designed and prototyped at least 5 to 6 times until you are satisfied.


Assemble an aero-based kit with me. About 8,000 people from the first grade of elementary school to the elderly participated. The skills and confidence you have acquired will be a lifelong treasure.

Shizuoka Hobby Show

We are exhibiting at the Plastic Model & Radio Control Show (Shizuoka Hobby Show) held in Shizuoka every May. See you at the venue!

Solo exhibition


I also hold solo exhibitions. How to become a plastic model professional exhibition (2016 & 2017 Shizuoka Hobby Square) Work exhibition called model kit designer (2017 Minami Aoyama Spiral Market) Aviation History Exhibition on the Desk (2017 Keibunsha Ichijoji store, Kyoto)

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